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Mountain biking tours in Isère

Here are our top 10 mountain biking tours to do in Isère!

Around the Emparis plateau in the Arves massif

A beautiful loop route, facing the Meije, with a departure and arrival at the village of Chazelet. The loop includes a passage near the peak of Mas de la Grave and goes around Gros Têt. The route finally runs along Lac Noir and Lac Lérié. This is a fairly difficult hike, with a technical descent at the end. The altitude difference is 1533 meters and the distance is over 36 km. Allow around 4h30.

The Moulin Vieux dish

An easy loop ideal for families and beginners: 7.5 km in length and less than an hour in duration, it is also not very technical. The positive elevation is 104 meters and the negative elevation is 129 meters. The circuit is marked in green and passes by a torrent and its waterfall.

The foothills of the Vercors

A Grenoble route for seasoned mountain bikers: with a distance of over 46 km, the route is to be planned for the day, over around 8 hours. The positive elevation is over 1500 meters, for a negative elevation of less than 800 meters. Sublime viewpoint on the summit of the Grande Moucherolle.

From Chazelet to Rochetaillée via Emparis

Of medium difficulty, this hike is nevertheless intended for mountain biking enthusiasts since it consists of a route of over 46 km, to be completed in around 6.30 hours. The elevations are significant, although not very technical: 1638 meters of positive elevation and 2723 meters of negative elevation.

La Buffe / Emparis tray

Breathtaking landscapes for this circuit of almost 20 km on the Emparis plateau. Count on pedaling for a little more than 3h30, with an elevation gain of 828 meters and a negative elevation of 614 meters. The hike is classified as difficult.

Oisans-Chazelet-La Grave loop

Another hike on the Emparis plateau near our campsite in Bourg d'Oisans, with this rather difficult 23 km loop for almost 5 hours of effort. The drop of 1000 meters includes a 19% slope and a portage section over 250 meters uphill.

The Louvet

A typical alpine mountain biking loop, with a positive and negative elevation of over 700 meters over a total distance of 17 km. The hike lasts about 3 hours and starts in La Morte, at a place called Alpe du Grand Serre. The entire route is marked in black.

Besse-en-Oisans - Le Chazelet

A sublime 21.4 km mountain bike stage, lasting around 4 hours, with a positive elevation of more than 1000 meters and a negative elevation of 850 meters. The landscapes, dominated by the Meije and the Arves needles, are grandiose.

The plains of Bourg-d'Oisans

A 22 km rolling route, of average level, with return to the starting point and part of the circuit forming a loop. The duration of the hike is from 2h00 to 2h30. The drop is slight, 266 meters positive and 278 meters negative. To discover, the Pisse waterfall and the banks of the Vénéon.

The tour of the Cross of Cassini

A high-level hike, marked in black, with a distance of 43 km for an approximate duration of 7 hours. The difference in altitude is over 1500 meters. The descents and climbs are steep. An electric mountain bike allows you to complete the hike in 3 hours.

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