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Muzelle Lake

A lake at the foot of the Muzelle rock

In the heart of Ecrins National Park, Lac de la Muzelle is of glacial origin. It is located at the foot of the Muzelle rock, at an altitude of over 2,100 meters. Its fresh water covers almost 10 hectares and reaches a maximum depth of 18 meters. The surface of the lake can be frozen for up to 8 months a year. The lake of Muzelle is the goal of famous hikes. Its banks are home to a refuge and a bivouac area. From June, the watershed welcomes a herd of guarded sheep. At the refuge are served cold and hot drinks, but also large salads, soups, quiches, pies and omelettes. The blueberry pie is an unmissable dessert. The service is done indoors or on the terrace, with a sublime view of the lake and the peaks. A dormitory is available upstairs. The Muzelle site is prized for its beauty: the lake with changing colors, from the brightest turquoise to the deepest black, is surrounded by the majestic peaks of Clapier du Peyron, Muraillette and Muzelle. Pastures, snowfields and rocky scree form a contrasting setting around the body of water.

Hike to Muzelle lake

The Muzelle Lake Hike is not long: the climb is less than 6 km from the hamlet of Alleau in Venosc. The elevation is however very important, this is why it is necessary to plan a good day of walking to make the round trip. Allow 6 hours to go to the refuge and descend. The hiking trail that goes up to La Muzelle follows the route of the GR 54. In summer, leaving early allows you to avoid climbing in hot weather. If you are hiking with small children, it is possible to hire baby carriers at the tourist office in the village of Venosc. Remember to book to eat at the refuge, or to stay overnight if you started climbing too late to be able to descend during the day. Disposable sheet kits are sold locally as needed. From mid-June to early October, the refuge is guarded every day. 68 beds are then available. Lac de la Muzelle is located in the Écrins protected national park: the environment is fragile, and dogs are therefore prohibited on the trails.

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