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Participatory tourism in Isère

What is participatory tourism?

In contrast to mass tourism, where a large number of holidaymakers are welcomed with a view to profitability and economic growth, participatory tourism is a way of creating social ties. It allows the inhabitants of a territory to take part in the tourist development of the latter or to involve tourists in the activities of the region they visit. Participatory tourism thus represents a desire to put people at the heart of sincere and friendly relationships and can be practiced anywhere, in rural as well as urban areas. By fostering relationships between locals and visitors, it is a great way to experience the meaning of hospitality in a new light. This so-called alternative tourism began to develop thanks to the rise of the Internet around the 2000s, but also thanks to environmental awareness.

How does it work ?

This alternative tourism makes it possible to enhance a territory in order to give it an image of dynamism marked with authenticity. Today it has the wind in its sails and can take various forms such as wwoofing or geocaching, for example. In Isère, farmers welcome you to make you discover the passion of their profession, their unique know-how as well as their craft products and offer you entertainment. You can visit different farms such as the Châtillon Farm or the Bisons de l'Oisans Farm, a few kilometers from the campsite A La Rencontre du Soleil. And to learn all about the region and its heritage and visit the Parc des Ecrins, go to the Maisons du Parc des Ecrins, which suggest many activities to do with the family: visit exhibitions, participate in various workshops, meetings with speakers ... Vacationers looking for an original stay in Isère will be won over!