At an altitude of almost 2,000 metres, between Lac Robert and Lac de la Sitre, Lac du Crozet is an undisputed jewel in the crown of the Belledonne massif, and a must-see when visiting Grenoble or Chambéry. Surrounded by the resorts of Chamrousse, Collet d’Allevard and Les Sept Laux, it overlooks the Grésivaudan valley like a vast infinity pool. The site is also historic. Inventor of white coal in the 19th century, Aristide Bergès carried out numerous experiments in hydraulic energy on Lac du Crozet. As the owner of a paper mill in Lancey, he carried out numerous projects on the lake and its tributaries to regulate and stabilize the flow.

The Lac de Crozet site is also listed for its rich biodiversity: marmots, ibexes, chamois and numerous bird species can be found here, including the emblematic Black Grouse. A popular destination for hikers, the lake also attracts mountain bikers on the bike trails, anglers and rock-climbers who climb the split rock above the Crozet eye. Three-quarters of an hour’s walk from the lake is a refuge for hikers and mountain bikers. If you’d like to go hiking, don’t hesitate to visit the tourist office to find out more about the various signposted hiking and mountain biking trails. You’ll also find information on mid-mountain and high-mountain hiking trails with bivouacs for those wishing to spend several days in the region.

Hikingat Lac du Crozet

Exceptional panoramas

Lac du Crozet is a popular destination for hikers and is sure to feature in every tourist office guidebook. One of the most classic hiking trails is the one that starts from Pré Raymond, the starting point of the circuit at an altitude of around 1,400 meters. A large part of the trail is in undergrowth, in the heart of nature, ideal for a walk in the shade in high season, for example. This hike is a round trip. It’s not a long hike, but it does take about 4 hours. A morning departure and a picnic by the lake are possible, before heading back down in the afternoon. The hike from Crozet lake via Pré Raymond covers a distance of just over 9 kms. Once at the lake, good walkers can continue their hike to Lac du Loup. It’s worth noting that, in season, the various hiking trails to Lac du Crozet are very busy and narrow. It is therefore preferable to plan the start of the hike very early in the day to enjoy more peace and quiet. The landscapes we cross are varied and the panoramas sublime: from twists and turns in the forest to more mineral scenery, and from steep slopes to pleasant flat passages on alpine meadows crossed by streams. Some people also go there for a mountain bike ride, although the mountain bike route is better suited to hiking. In short, this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful hikes in the region.

Highlights of the hike :
It’s a lovely hike, ideal for a family outing, with a reasonable gradient and various French hiking federation markers. The trail and its markings are impeccable. Hikers can easily find their way along the route, which is the advantage of marked trails. The crossing of the mountain ranges, the views of the peaks and the flora and fauna are well worth the detour. Several picnic spots are available, so don’t forget to fill up your rucksack before setting off. Those who are used to hiking in the mountains or trail walking will already have thought of this. For all walks, rides and hikes, even if it’s an easy one, remember to take a bottle of water with you and a small snack. If you’re hiking in the mountains, poles are also advisable.