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Park and castle of Vizille

Strolling in the gardens

It is at the gates of Grenoble and the Oisans massif that lies the Domaine de Vizille, a site that extends over 100 hectares, with a fabulous decor. We let ourselves be seduced by its landscaped gardens and country spaces; you fall in love with its rose garden, its lakes or its canals. The eponymous castle houses the Museum of the French Revolution. The place is worth the detour to better know the cultural heritage of the region. It is also the perfect refuge for recharging your batteries.

The Château de Vizille, witness to two thousand years of history

Vizille Castle is today considered to be the "cradle of the French Revolution". It was in fact in the tennis court, on July 21, 1788, that the Assembly of the three orders of the Dauphiné met to demand the holding of the Estates General. But before this pivotal moment in the advent of the Republic, this historic monument was an important place of power, especially with the Dukes of Lesdiguières. The place later became the residence of the Perier family between 1782 and 1895, then that of the Presidents of the Republic between 1925 and 1960.
Vizille Castle now houses the Museum of the French Revolution. It opened in 1983. It is the place to go to dive into the heart of a unique artistic creation that has been enriched over time. We immerse ourselves in cultural transformations in Europe, from the Enlightenment to Romanticism.
The estate is at the same time a landscaped park labeled "Remarkable Garden", a peaceful retreat where you get closer to nature and wildlife.

The Château de Vizille and its park labeled "Remarkable Garden"

This label "distinguishes gardens and parks of cultural, aesthetic, historical or botanical interest, whether public or private", can be read on the website of the Ministry of Culture Culture.gouv.fr. The owner of a site labeled "Remarkable Garden" is required to maintain it and make available to the public all the necessary information documents, including the historical plan and botanical indications.
But at the Château de Vizille, we go far beyond the commitments recommended by the Ministry of Culture. The domain tries to diversify its actions as well as possible. Among these are, for example, educational actions and educational tools for schoolchildren. The field also offers various actions intended for teachers, animators or even educational staff; teachers are, for example, entitled to free educational documents during the back-to-school meetings.

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