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Maison du parc des éecrins
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The Maison du Parc des Ecrins

It is a welcoming space that introduces visitors to the valleys of Oisans and the Ecrins massif. The fauna, flora, history and trades of the mountain are widely presented in pictures on fun and interactive media!

Animation: meeting with a park monitor, go to Lac Lauvitel (Oisans village) near Les Selles.

Duration of the animation: 4h, from 10h to 14h, in July and August (several days a week, inquire), Free

A magical place

The Ecrins National Park is the best place to discover and appreciate the Ecrins massif and the Oisans valley as a whole. It is a natural space which seduces in particular by its biological and geological richness. At the same time, it is a park which has been modernized over the years. The modernization efforts are concretely reflected in the tools made available in the seven Houses in the park. These establishments are the workspaces of the park's field teams. At the same time, they act as a welcoming place for visitors who are interested in the jewels that this protected space conceals.

The reception of the public in the Houses of the park

These establishments are the showcases of the park and the territory. This territory includes in particular the 49 municipalities that adhere to the park's conservation charter, bringing its membership area to 159,600 hectares. In the Park Houses, visitors are entitled to documentary spaces, a shop, in addition to a personalized welcome animated by a receptionist. In addition, there is temporary or permanent exhibition space, audiovisual and conference space.
The Maisons du parc offer warm welcome to the public and offer them a whole range of activities. Visitors are, for example, invited to take part in conferences and workshops. The Houses also organize presentations and offers to discover the area. We also discover in these reception places many educational tools made by park officials, including books and audiovisual supports.

The Oisans Park House

The Maison du Parc de l'Oisans is located in Bourg-d'Oisans, one of the leading destinations in this sector. The establishment offers its public an image presentation of the natural riches of the Oisans valley. The Maison du parc also highlights the various mountain professions, including pastoralism. It is also the place of information for those who want to learn about the park, whether it is about its natural gems or its history.
It is the place of information where you have to go to prepare for the discovery of the Ecrins massif, with its steep landscapes which contrast with the vast expanses of surrounding alpine pastures. Among the natural treasures that we present at the Maison du parc, there are also these enormous glaciers which have deeply dug magnificent valleys dotted with lakes and waterfalls. These stone and ice fortresses lead to the places where human societies settle and organize. We are fascinated by seeing the tenacity of these communities in the face of the power of the reliefs that surround them.

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