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Verney lake

The lake of Eau d'Olle valley

Between Grandes Rousses and Belledonne, Lac du Verney is a medium-altitude dam lake, less than 750 meters, which covers 75 hectares. In the Eau d 'Olle valley, this hydroelectric reservoir was created between 1979 and 1984. The dam was initially operated by the company founded by the son of Aristide Bergès. A museum is present on the banks of Lake Verney, not far from the dam. It traces the history of hydroelectricity in the valley, as well as white coal. Today, the lake is home to a nautical base that offers many activities on the great expanse of water: windsurfing and Optimist, but also pedal boats, canoes and paddle. Located in Allemond, on the west shore of the lake, the base is also an ideal site for picnics and relaxation in an exceptional setting, with breathtaking views of the mountains reflected in the turquoise waters of the lake. Fishing is one of the other attractions of Verney lake: the spot is particularly popular for its trout.

Tour of Lake Verney by Allemond and Oz-en-Oisans

The tour of Lac du Verney from Allemond is the subject of a beautiful bike ride: 1.5 hours allow you to go around the lake entirely, or cover around 16 km. It is a walk that can be done with the family, with following bikes or trailers if you have young children. Older children can easily follow, the drop remaining reasonable. To take a break on the road, stop for example at the nautical base where you will find water points and picnic tables, or in the Parc des Tilleuls in Allemond, to take advantage of the shade, the picnic area and the drinking water fountain. The circuit of the tour of the lake first takes the direction of Rochetaillé before branching out to the hamlets of La Beurrière and Le Raffour, then descending to the banks of the lake and returning via Oz-en-Oisans. Good walkers can also take a tour of the lake on foot. Remarkable sites await you all around the reservoir, which it will however be easier to take the time to visit if you are on a bicycle: the Rivier museum, the heritage space in Vaujany, the Maison de la Faune , or the essential Hydrelec museum.

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