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Hiking in Oisans

Here are 10 essential hikes to do during your stay at our campsite in Bourg d'Oisans!

The Round of Lakes

A hike from lake to lake starting from Alpe d'Huez, at the foot of the slopes. It will take you from Lac Besson to Lac Noir and Lac Carrelet. Possibility to go from the resort to Lac Noir by car or on foot. Also on the program, a visit to the medieval archaeological site of Brandes.

Walk to the Pisse waterfall

An easy hike ideal for families, which will still take 3 hours for 12 km. The difference in height is low (50 meters): the entire course is flat, except for the final climb to the waterfall. Departure and return to the center of Bourg d´Oisans.

The 7 Laux

A hike of just over 5 km, but difficult with its vertical drop of 904 meters. She sets out to meet the ten lakes of Laux which follow one another in the Belledonne massif, with the probable encounter of ibex.

Quirlies lake

A superb hike along the Ferrand and to Quirlies Lake. With a distance of 14 km for a drop of 1000 meters, it will take you at least 4 hours. The landscapes are extremely varied between the Ferrand bridge and its waterfall, the glacial lake of Quirlies where Ferrand has its source, the Malatres and Quirlies glaciers and the schist ridge of the Praouat echin.

Around the Emparis plateau via the lakes

A magnificent hike lasting a few hours of walking in the sublime scenery of the Emparis plateau, between lakes, alpine chalets, herds of sheep and mountain flowers. Departure and return to the Col Saint-Georges car park, 10 km from Besse-en-Oisans.

Lauvitel lake

A family hike, within reach of children, over a distance of less than 6 km for a drop of around 500 meters. The round trip will thus take 3 hours, in the sublime setting of the Parc des Ecrins. The route is generously shaded from the hamlet of La Danchère to the lake.

The Taillefer refuge via Oulles

A hike of medium difficulty, accessible to families by its short distance (less than 4 km for approximately 2h30 of walking). It takes place on the path which connects Oulles to the Taillefer refuge and which offers superb views of the Ecrins and Rousses massifs.

Goléon lake and refuge

The hike follows a round trip route and is twice 5 km. With a drop of almost 700 meters for a fairly short distance, the climb is a bit steep. Allow 4 hours in all for the ascent and descent. Your efforts are rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Meije.

The Clots refuge

A hike without technical difficulty but aerial, on a balcony path overlooking Lake Chambon. Depart from the Aymes car park in Mizoën and arrive at the Clots mountain hut at an altitude of 1,515 meters. A round trip of 7 km for about 2 hours of walking.

The Ecrins temple refuge

This hike is more difficult because of its technicality than its length: from a distance of 7.7 km, it takes around 2.5 hours of walking for a vertical drop of over 650 meters. On the trail to the refuge, the panorama is sublime towards the Pilatte glacier.

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